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Shanghai Lauren Zuo Consulting Management Co., Ltd.

Contacts:Sunny(International Famous Fashion Talents)

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Located in Changxing Town, Chongming District, Shanghai, Shanghai Lauren Zuo Consulting Management Co., Ltd. is engaged in business management consultation, business information consultation, tourism consultation, e-commerce, cultural and artistic exchange and planning, corporate image planning, marketing planning, advertising design, production and publication, and technical development and technology in the field of computer science and technology. Consulting, technology transfer and technology services.

Shanghai Lauren Left Consulting and Management Co., Ltd. is founded by Guo Chunxia, a famous fashionable person in the world. It is mainly responsible for the sale of red carpet tickets for Venice Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, the invitation letter for Paris Fashion Week in Milan, and the purchase of various chemical commodities such as crude oil, natural gas and diesel. Plastics 150, Taiwan Plastics 500, DMP naphtha, natural gas window period can cooperate, diesel ultra-low-cost aviation media ethylene benzene, spot Middle East crude oil, American crude oil, Brazilian Lula crude oil and other petrochemical resources and Italian cleaning subway equipment.


Shanghai Lauren Zuo Consulting Management Co., Ltd.