Milan Paris Fashion Week invitation letter Paris style!

Milan Paris Fashion Week invitation letter Paris style!
Milan Paris Fashion Week invitation letter Paris style!
Milan Paris Fashion Week invitation letter Paris style!
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Editing time : 2019-08-13

Milan Paris Fashion Week invitation letter Paris style!

Paris Fashion Week has always been the axis of the four major fashion weeks in the world. Publishing new clothes at Paris Fashion Week, which never ends, is not difficult to find loose and comfortable clothes, which will be the most important fashion outline this autumn and winter. The style is complex and gorgeous embroidery, beads, inlaid metal rivets and so on.

Obviously less, instead of the French style, which is well-tailored and graceful in line, it shows the feminine flavor of both firmness and softness. Marc Jacobs, Director of Continuation Design of LV Women's Wear, is best at Grunge Wind, apparel is obviously OverSize.

But skillfully incorporating asymmetry and involuntary folding, remodeling the layout of women's bodies, clothes are mostly not ironed, and traces of thick needle stitches can be seen. Lang Fan shows the same proportion of perfection, Lang Fan also draws inspiration from handsome men's clothes, men's black suit, small tie, as well as A-type jacket and dress.

Backstage, he said that the focus of the season was on proportion and hierarchy. The styles of jackets and skirts were very similar. The only difference was "proportion". But it's also the "perfect proportion" that makes women comfortable and confident.

Milan Paris Fashion Week invitation letter Paris style!

Chanel's new clothes this season are also quite solid, with a strong style of heavy metal rock and roll, miniskirts, knee boots, with heavy metal style of tight jacket and long shirt, long and short mix, wearing the level and proportion of clothing, the greatest advantage is that it can effectively cover up the shortcomings of the body.

Gaudier and Hermes incarnate female soldiers wear well-matched military uniforms, which are also favored by designers. Jean Paul Gaultier, Hermes, Celine and so on, can be seen in military jackets, wide belts, boots and other popular elements, especially wide belts, is a must-worship item in autumn and winter. With it, women instantly become brave female fighters, waist straighter.

On his own brand, Gaudier skillfully tied a waistband like a waistband outside his suit to make women wear comfortable and confident, but on his Hermes dress, he changed to Western sword and equestrian dress to explain the clothing brand that started with making horsewear, Knight coat, comfortable knitted jacket and horsewear. The fur shawl shows women's elegant temperament.

Saint Laurent butterflies fly all over Saint Laurent, symbolized by bows. This season, the theme of bows is scattered in all parts of clothing. The bow not only has the function of decoration, but also enables women to tie the most beautiful bow for themselves according to their own preferences and body weight.

As for Miu Miu, who first published a new dress in Paris, he tried to get rid of the image of the Prada sub-brand. Although the new dress was young, the style was gorgeous and elegant, and the design was strong. Miniskirts, deconstructive jackets and golden bright A-word leather windbreakers... It looks like Miu Miu's price is certainly not cheaper than Prada's. 

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